Safe Haven Counselling

Tel: 07473 149966


Welcome to Safe Haven Counselling

Perhaps you are looking for a place where you can feel truly accepted, and possibly less alone with the difficulties, dilemmas, fears and sorrows you are living with.

You need someone who will listen to you and really hear what it's like for you, to fully understand what you are facing, understand the feelings that trouble you and understand how hard it can be to carry those feelings around with you.

When you're hurting emotionally you need time, and the right care and support in order to heal. You may have been suffering for a long time or you're struggling to cope with the impact of something that's only just happened.

I will listen to you, without judging you and offer you the opportunity to talk at your pace, in your own time.

I offer counselling that helps people to find the peace or resolution that they're looking for, possibly longing for.

As you read this you may already know that you need a safe place to feel supported, valued and understood. A place to recover.

I believe that emotional well-being is the foundation for every aspect of our lives. At its heart the key to liberation, growth and opportunity. Respecting this part of our humanity is an essential part of caring for ourselves as a whole.

To find out more about me and my vision for Safe Haven Counselling please explore the other pages on this site.